Selected Publications

. A Metamodel for Supporting Interoperability in Heterogeneous Ontology Networks. In International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations (ICISO), 2018.


. Exploring Ontologies to Improve the Empathy of Interactive Bots. In International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE), 2018.


. The Use of Software Tools in Linked Data Publication and Consumption: A Systematic Literature Review. In International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS), 2017.


Conectando as Coisas na Educação (in Portuguese). In Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2017.


An Admission Control Mechanism for Dynamic QoS-enabled Opportunistic Routing Protocols. In EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2015.



  • Avaliação de Distribuições GNU/Linux para utilização em Dispositivos Portáteis da Positivo Informática
  • Projeto de Cooperação Técnico-Científico entre a Universidade Federal de Campina Grande e a Eletrobrás
  • Projeto de Cooperação Técnico-Científico entre a Universidade Federal de Campina Grande e a Ford do Brasil
  • Projeto de Cooperação Técnico-Científica entre a Universidade Federal de Campina Grande e o Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
  • Otimização e Implementação de Protocolos em Redes com Suporte a Videoconferência


Regular undergrad courses at IFAL in the last few years:

  • Computer Network;
  • Network Administration;
  • Numeric Calculus;
  • System Administration;
  • Web Programming;
  • OO-based Programming.

I also teach on demand courses on Linux Kernel Development.


Brazilian to the bone, I was born and raised at São Bento do Una/Pernambuco, city located in the northeast of Brazil, one of the poorest regions of my country. Since 2004, due to work and study needs, I have moved to different cities, such as Maceió/Alagoas, Campina Grande/Paraíba, Palmeira dos Índios/Alagoas and now, again, Maceió. Although the social issues of that city I truly love Maceio and completely agree with other citizens of Maceio when they used to say that "I live where you take vacations"!

In my personal life, I married and I'm completely in love with my wife Lilian Karolline ("Just 'Karol' as she usually stresses") and my little brat Rafael.